Hey Pittsburgh,

So we had planned to take our youth group (kids ages 11-16) cosmic bowling this Friday, but dealing with the place we usually go to got shady really quickly (all of a sudden the price jumped up and now they can't accommodate us). We now need somewhere to bowl. I have heard some good things about Funfest and whatnot, but I could use a personal recommendation. I realize this is a little last minute but any recommendations would be wonderful.

We are looking for someplace that is family friendly in a safe neighborhood to be in with a bunch of kids at night. We aren't looking for a party deal with all the amenities, but we need somewhere that would have open lanes near each other and could take us as a group. Being split up would be difficult to handle since we have a bunch of kids and only 2 adults going.

Thanks so much for any help you have!


Again, missed out on a few days because life is annoying. Haha. But I think I am all clicked up. Please help with the silver especially. It only has 22 hours left :-(

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

How not to get me to vote for your candidate!

Dear People Who (work, volunteer?) to call me up to get me to vote for your candidate on Tuesday,

I realize that putting off my massive huge amounts of biology studying causes me to be irritable on a Sunday afternoon. Yes, that is my own fault.

But, when you call me asking if you can count on my vote for your candidate, and then telling me in a condescending way that I "haven't really thought my decision through", when I say I am at the moment leaning towards the other candidate, is not a good way to get me to vote for yours. In fact, it caused me to be defensive and annoyed. Furthermore, being a total and complete arse when I ask a question about what your candidate's stance on something doesn't really help your case much either.

If your attitude is in any way indicative of the candidate you are supporting, I'm afraid my friend, that I can't support them.


A Throughly Irritated Voter.

P.S. I realize that you were probably tired and overworked. But a little kindness, compassion, and patience can go a long way with a voter who is still mostly undecided.

P.P.S. Yes, you assumed correctly that I was young, but really what does that have to do with my ability to think things through? I have met plenty of people much older than I am who make far more rash and uneducated decisions than I do. At least I'm making an attempt here. :-(

,,,Sigh...despite my looming indecision, I am excited to vote on Tuesday. Then again I've been excited since the Kerry/Bush race, which was the first one I payed real attention to. :-D

Homework Playlist for April 08

Um, so I have an odd taste in music that consists of just about everything. So I wanted to post my most recent homework play-list...Instead of doing homework.

Starless - Crossfade
Promiscuous Girl - Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland
These Arms of Mine - Otis Redding
Where is Your Heart - Kelly Clarkson
The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 - Neutral Milk Hotel
Ba Bump - Black Eyed Peas
Wonderboy - Tenacious D
Gotta Serve Somebody - Bob Dylan
You Talk Way Too Much - Nickelback
Bring the Night On - Eve 6
Sun Child - The Vines
Slipknot (live at the Paramount version) - Grateful Dead
In My Time of Dying - Led Zeppelin
Meeting of the Spirit - Mahavishnu Orchestra
Groundhog Day - Mayday Ft. Cee-Lo Green
More Than a Feeling - Boston
On My Way - Ingram Hill
Love Hater - Outkast
I've Got Dreams to Remember - Otis Redding
Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles

A peak into my musical tastes...which are all over the place. I am into Otis a lot recently. Man, what a musician...

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I know this place has become bitch central for me but seriously??

I can't throat is awful looking...I'm still running a fever.

I would like to catch a break maybe once.

Tears and fears

I want to cut off all my hair. Just shave it all off and care less. I can't though. I hate my eyes too...which are disgusting and watery and red. Not to mention dull and empty. I look like a hobo.

I wish I was a hobo.

I forgot what street my apartment was on today. Just plum forgot. I had to wander up two streets that weren't mine before I remembered where I was.

I can't remember my voice-mail password. I've had the same one since I got a cell phone at the end of 8th grade. It's frustrating.

I can't understand why my head won't shut up.

I have a cold, it's a pretty bad cold. My inhaler is almost out. I don't want to go back to the doctor. I never sleep the night before.

Nyquil is supposed to knock me out. It made me throw up. I tried Benadryl...and that crap Unisom which was a waste of money.

No food...Peppi's for dinner again. Kitchen is a mess.

Re-arranged the apartment. I feel better.

I hate sunshine. It gives me a headache.

Grampity paid for tickets to Oregon over winter break. I finally have something to look forward to.

Mollie will be home in a few months. We are going to watch the X-Files. I miss that. More than anyone can imagine.
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Bad news, good news.

I don't even know if people read this any more.

At any rate, I'm bored, because for once I don't have homework. So, a few points.

The last few weeks have been rough. And I've been trying to make it work for me, because nothing really seems to want to work itself out on its own. I've been trying to make the nights I don't sleep productive by doing homework or reading for class, but mostly doing crossword puzzles. The lack of sleep has been so much worse lately, and only exacerbated by the mess of indecision. I'm forgetting things I should be remembering, I have some hearing loss, voices sound garbled sometimes and especially on the phone. I'm mixing up words and phrases. I mean, these things happen to me sometimes but not like this, not this bad. I know it's because I'm not sleeping for 3 or 4 nights in a row and at best sleeping for 3 or 4 hours at best when I do. I tried sleeping pills, but I'm worried about becoming dependent and the ones I tried gave me horrible nightmares and restless leg syndrome when I was sitting in class. I cut out caffeine for a few days but that only made me excessively grumpy and pissed off. I have another cold, which is the 3rd one so far. My cough hasn't gone away yet. I have to take an inhaler 3 times a day now to keep from coughing. This is all because I'm exhausted.

It's frustrating, because I am just functioning with this. I want to not function, I want it to just do something, anything.

I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life. This is as much a problem as the lack of sleep. But I'm really okay, and all things considered, doing relatively well. It's funny, isn't it.

At any rate, I'm off to watch Conan and hope the dull roar of tv lulls me to a few hours of sleep.